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Galaxy Cargo Services India LLP is a joint venture of Galaxy Freight and Cargo Services Group (Hong Kong). The distribution centre maintains international standards and is in a very convenient position since it is just 2 kilometers away from a CFS, 30 kilometers away from a seaport, and 49 kilometers away from an airport.

To guarantee your success, our team provides you with cutting-edge technologies, streamlined procedures, and exemplary service.

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Being in the Free Trade and Warehousing Zone (FTWZ), we help firms to be competitive with our end-to-end solutions and engagement options with technology, supply chain, and foreign operations partners. And it also offers a significant time and cost advantage with its strategic location and connectivity to various transport networks.

Our team brings you infrastructure support to import, export, and re-export without the burden of taxes, duties, and levies weighing you down.

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