History of Freight Forwarding Our Vision


We envision making logistics a seamless & stress-free experience.

Our global reach and unrivaled variety of services make us the go-to partner for businesses of all sizes. We’re dedicated to delivering quality beyond compare with every shipment, every time.

History of Freight Forwarding Our Mission


Our goal is to be the market leader when it comes to supply chain management.

Our hyper-efficient operations, unwavering reliability, and expert professionalism are the fuel that powers our client relationships. We’re committed to expanding our horizons while staying true to our core values of supply chain integrity and customer satisfaction.




History of Freight Forwarding Transparency


We ensure complete transparency in everything we do so you can put all your worries at bay in every interaction with our business.

History of Freight Forwarding Trust


We put trust first before everything, which pushes us to go beyond the ordinary to keep it intact.

History of Freight Forwarding Honesty


Adhering to complete honesty raises our ethical standards in business and fosters our relationship with you.

History of Freight Forwarding Innovation


We strive to innovate the future of the supply chain by embracing the latest technology and trends.

History of Freight Forwarding Our Promises


Our tailored logistics solutions provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your goods are always in safe hands. With rigorous monitoring, unwavering excellence, and a strong sense of responsibility, we’re your trusted supply chain partner for streamlined and reliable transport solutions.

  • Committed to responsibility
  • Customised logistics solutions
  • Tailored logistics solutions
  • Transparent & timely deliveries
  • Efficient teams of experts
  • 24/7 emergency assistance


Our History

Logistics and Freight Forwarding Solutions History 1989


Our founders – Mr. M. Afzal Malbarwala and his father Mr. Tayeb Ismail Malbarwala – dipped their feet in the freight forward business with Speed Cargo Movers, a humble setup in a single room with extremely limited resources.
Logistics and Freight Forwarding Solutions History 1995


We rebranded Speed Cargo Movers as Galaxy Freight Private Limited to attract more customers and carve a niche for ourselves in the logistics industry.
Logistics and Freight Forwarding Solutions History 1997


Accredited with IATA recognition and became a prestigious member of FIATA & ACAAI (Air Cargo Agents Association of India)

03 July 2001

Galaxy Seair Logistics expanded its operations by inaugurating a branch in Mumbai on 03rd July 2001. Mumbai, being a key financial and commercial center in India, offers a significant market for logistics and shipping services.


The establishment of a branch in Ahmedabad in 2001 suggests that Galaxy Freight Pvt. Ltd. recognized the potential for business development in this particular city. Ahmedabad, being a major economic and industrial hub in Gujarat, may have presented opportunities for the company to serve local businesses and industries, thereby contributing to its overall expansion strategy.

October 2003

In October 2003, Galaxy Freight Pvt. Ltd. expanded its presence by establishing a new branch in Delhi. This strategic move could be driven by various factors, such as increased demand for logistics and freight services in the Delhi region, opportunities for business growth, or a desire to tap into a new market.

August 2011

Opening a new branch for Galaxy Freight Pvt. Ltd. in Chennai in August 2011 suggests a strategic expansion for the company, likely driven by several factors like market expansion, strategic location, regional demand, and business growth opportunities.

May 2014

In May 2014, Galaxy Freight Pvt. Ltd. expanded its operations by opening a new branch in Kolkata. This strategic maneuver illustrates the company’s dedication to seizing opportunities in the rapidly growing market within the region. The choice of Kolkata, a major commercial hub, signifies the company’s recognition of the city’s economic potential and logistical advantages.

01 June 2014

By venturing into Bengaluru under the name Jafferali Lalijee & Sons in June 2014, Galaxy Freight Pvt. Ltd. aims to leverage the city’s strategic location and thriving economic landscape. This move positions the company to tap into a blossoming customer base, capitalize on regional market dynamics, and optimize logistical efficiency.

February 2017

During 2017, Galaxy Freight Pvt. Ltd. demonstrated its commitment to capitalizing on the burgeoning market in the region by inaugurating a new branch in Bengaluru. This strategic move underscores the company’s acknowledgment of the city’s economic promise and logistical benefits, given its status as a significant commercial hub.

July 2017

Galaxy Freight’s visionary expansion has given rise to a captivating venture named Numax, a distinguished sister concern that seamlessly blends innovation and expertise in the logistics realm. Numax, an emblem of precision and efficiency, embodies the commitment to surpassing industry standards and redefining the art of freight management.

March 2018

March 2018 witnessed the commencement of Galaxy Cargo Services India LLP’s latest venture, a flourishing branch nestled in the heart of Panvel. This expansion not only symbolized a noteworthy achievement for the company but also exemplified its dedication to delivering top-notch logistics services in this burgeoning locale.

April 2018

In April 2018, the vibrant city of Mumbai welcomed the inception of a new chapter for Galaxy Cargo Services India LLP, as the company extended its wings with the establishment of a dedicated cargo branch. The decision to establish a dedicated cargo branch reflected Galaxy Cargo Services’ strategic vision and commitment to meeting the growing demands of the logistics and transportation industry.

09 August 2019

On the auspicious day of August 9, 2019, a stellar venture emerged as a radiant beacon in the realm of business innovation. Galaxy Freight, a pioneering entity, unfurled its wings of expansion and gave birth to a captivating sister concern known as Galaxypacs India LLP.

04 January 2019

Galaxy Freight Pvt. Ltd. embarked on a meaningful journey of expansion and growth as it proudly inaugurated its new branch in the vibrant city of Hyderabad on January 4, 2019. This growth is in harmony with our commitment to serving as a dependable collaborator within the supply chain, striving for excellence and efficiency in every phase.

02 September 2019

At Galaxy Cargo Services, our commitment to providing unparalleled logistics solutions remains steadfast. With the opening of our Kochi branch, we aim to extend our reach and better serve our clients in this strategic region. This expansion aligns with our vision of being a reliable partner in the supply chain, delivering excellence and efficiency at every step.

October 2019

Embarking on a new frontier, Galaxy Cargo Services India LLP proudly announces the inauguration of its latest venture in the vibrant city of Thoothukudi in October 2019. Welcome to a new era of efficient cargo management, where your shipments are not just delivered, they are orchestrated with precision and care.”

October 2020

Our track record speaks for itself as we have successfully shipped block trains multiple times from ICD Piyala to Mundra. Our commitment to reliability and consistency ensures that your cargo reaches its destination on time, every time. Whether you are dealing with time-sensitive materials or require a dependable transportation solution, we’ve got you covered.


Our company has been bestowed with the prestigious Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) award, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in the realm of international trade and logistics. The distinguished accolade not only reflects our dedication to upholding the highest standards but also underscores our position as a trusted partner in facilitating seamless and secure global supply chain operations.

September 2022

GFME Freight Brokers LLC, a company by Galaxy Freight Pvt. Ltd possesses a dedicated broker license and operates 24/7 to seamlessly generate airway bills across all airlines. Our commitment is to provide swift and precise responses to customer needs, leveraging our operational expertise and ensuring effective communication channels.


Receiving the prestigious “Best Time Critical Agent 2023” award at the India Cargo Awards is a remarkable achievement for us. This recognition underscores our exceptional dedication and proficiency in handling time-sensitive cargo operations within the dynamic and challenging logistics industry.


Proud Recipient of the Emirates SkyCargo Top Cargo Agent Award, a prestigious recognition given to select cargo agents that have demonstrated exceptional performance, reliability, and excellence in the field of air cargo transportation.