Not a pharmaceutical company?

Don’t worry, we also cater to pharmaceutical ancillaries

Pharmaceutical Logistics Biotechnology


● Chemotherapy
● Injectable

Pharmaceutical Logistics Diagnostics

Diagnostic Products

● Laboratory equipment
● Blood analysers
● Diagnostics screening products
● Testing kits
● Blood analysis systems

Pharmaceutical Logistics Medical Devices

Medical Devices

● Thermometers
● Blood sugar meter

Pharmaceutical Logistics Clinical Research

Clinical Research Organisations

Moving APIs under temperature control.

Pharmaceutical Freight Pharma

Your end-to-end service provider for customised solutions in pharmaceutical fulfilment

The pharmaceutical industry is growing rapidly, and its clients have high expectations for timely delivery. Specialised logistics services are necessary due to the sensitive nature of many healthcare and pharmaceutical products and security considerations. Plus, the greatest standards of quality, safety, and cleanliness are necessary when dealing with delicate items.

Each of our facilities in India has a temperature-controlled area, a packaging crew, and a team of employees who are solely responsible for clearing pharmaceuticals through customs.

Galaxy Freight Contact

Transporting Pharmaceuticals is now a breeze!

Our pharmaceutical sea freight ensures that vital medicines reach their destination safely and efficiently. Trust in our advanced tracking and security measures to keep your shipment on course.

Bon voyage to better health!