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Pharma Logistics

At Galaxy Freight Logistics, we are your trusted partner in pharmaceutical logistics, providing specialised solutions to meet the unique needs of the pharma healthcare industry. As a leading Pharma Logistics Provider, we understand the critical importance of precision and compliance in every step of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Our expertise extends to handling temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals with utmost care. We employ advanced technologies, including Reefer Containers and Cold Room facilities, to maintain precise temperature control throughout the logistics process. This ensures that your pharmaceutical products remain within their required temperature ranges, guarding against Temperature Excursions and preserving their integrity.

In the realm of clinical trials, our logistics services play a pivotal role. Galaxy Freight Logistics is well-versed in Clinical Trial Supply Chain management, adhering to stringent Standard Operating Procedures. We ensure that your clinical trial materials reach their destinations securely and on schedule, contributing to the success of your trials.

Air Freight Pharmaceuticals

Our Air Freight services are tailored to the pharma distribution needs of the healthcare industry. We understand that time is of the essence in pharma logistics, especially when dealing with critical medications. That's why we offer expedited solutions for urgent pharmaceutical shipments. Whether it's Clinical Trial materials or life-saving drugs, our Air Freight services guarantee rapid and secure deliveries, following industry-standard Palletization practices.

Sea Freight Pharmaceuticals

For pharmaceutical supply chains that require cost-effective solutions and precision, our Sea Freight services offer the perfect balance. We employ Reefer Containers to maintain the temperature integrity of pharmaceuticals during ocean shipping. This is especially crucial for long-haul pharmaceutical logistics, where maintaining the cold chain is paramount. Galaxy Freight Logistics ensures that your pharmaceuticals reach their destination safely, compliant with international regulations, and at a competitive cost.

Air Freight

With Galaxy Freight Pvt. Ltd.'s air freight services, your shipments experience a remarkable boost in speed and efficiency. Thanks to our robust partnerships with industry-leading airlines, we ensure your shipments are characterized by precision and swiftness. Our dedicated team of experts manages every facet of the process with meticulous care, providing a flawlessly smooth journey from pickup to delivery.

General cargo

Our air freight solutions for various general cargo are designed for efficiency, providing not only timely deliveries but also a consistently reliable service.

Time Critical

We specialize in urgent and time-sensitive air freight services, guaranteeing exceptionally swift deliveries for shipments that demand immediate attention and are time-critical in nature.


Our air freight services include specialized solutions tailored to pharmaceutical products, where we meticulously maintain temperature control and ensure stringent regulatory compliance throughout the transportation process.

Dangerous Goods

We excel in the secure and compliant transportation of hazardous materials via air freight, strictly adhering to stringent safety regulations, and ensuring the utmost safety throughout the journey.

International Courier

Our international courier services are both fast and secure, enabling efficient global deliveries of parcels and documents. Your shipments will reach their destinations worldwide with precision and reliability.

Exhibition Cargo

We provide customized air freight services designed specifically for exhibition cargo. Our focus is on ensuring the timely delivery and careful handling of all your exhibition materials, guaranteeing a successful event.

Sea Freight

When it comes to global trade, Galaxy Freight's sea freight services make navigation a breeze. With over three decades of expertise in maritime logistics, we bring comprehensive solutions to meet all your sea transportation needs. Whether it's Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments, Galaxy Freight excels in optimizing routing, offering efficient vessel options, and ensuring competitive freight rates.

General cargo

Our sea freight services excel in handling diverse general cargo efficiently, offering reliable and cost-effective transportation solutions for all your shipping needs.


Our sea freight services include specialized solutions tailored to pharmaceutical products. We maintain precise temperature control and adhere to strict regulatory requirements to ensure the safe and compliant transportation of pharmaceutical goods.

Over-Dimensional Cargo

We offer customized sea freight solutions specifically designed for oversized and heavy cargo. Our expertise ensures the safe and efficient transportation of such cargo, meeting your unique shipping needs.

Dangerous Goods

We prioritize the safe handling and transportation of hazardous materials through our sea freight services. Our commitment to strict safety regulations ensures the secure transit of such materials, safeguarding both the environment and your cargo.

International Supply Chain

With rich experience in the logistics industry, Galaxy Freight Pvt. Ltd. has honed its expertise in the intricate management of international supply chains. Bolstered by profound industry insights and strategic collaborations, we possess a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted world of global logistics trade. Our commitment is to deliver end-to-end solutions that effectively address and conquer your supply chain challenges.

Carrier management

We excel in the efficient management of carriers, a critical aspect that ensures the seamless flow of logistics operations. Our proficiency in this area guarantees on-time deliveries and optimal cost management, providing you with a dependable and efficient logistics service.

Purchase Order

Our streamlined purchase order processes are designed to enhance your inventory management and overall supply chain efficiency. By optimizing these key aspects, we contribute to the smooth operation of your supply chain and help you achieve greater efficiency.

Vendor Management

Our effective vendor coordination is focused on ensuring timely supplies and nurturing robust relationships with our suppliers. This approach guarantees a consistent flow of materials and the maintenance of strong, reliable partnerships with our suppliers.


Our documentation services are characterized by accuracy and meticulousness, guaranteeing full compliance with international trade regulations and contributing to the seamless process of customs clearance.

Origin Logistics Service

At Galaxy Freight, we take pride in providing comprehensive origin logistics services that form the robust foundation for your shipments' journey. Our team of experts is dedicated to coordinating every aspect, from cargo handling to packaging and documentation, right from the point of origin. This meticulous approach ensures a seamless and hassle-free initiation to your logistics process.

Buyer Consolidation

Efficient consolidation of multiple shipments from diverse suppliers is our forte. This process not only reduces costs but also optimizes transportation, ensuring that your logistics operations are both cost-effective and efficient.

Vendor Liaison

Our seamless coordination with vendors is geared towards ensuring the smoothest logistics operations. This meticulous coordination guarantees timely pick-ups and streamlined processes, contributing to the overall efficiency of your logistics chain.

Value-Added Service

We offer tailor-made shipping services designed to enhance your logistics processes. This includes specialized services like labelling, repackaging, and quality checks, which are all customized to fit seamlessly into your supply chain operations.


Our secure and organized storage solutions are designed to ensure efficient inventory management and timely order fulfillment. With our meticulous approach to storage, your inventory is not only secure but also managed with precision, contributing to the seamless fulfilment of orders.


Galaxy Freight comprehends the critical role of proper packaging in safeguarding your cargo during transit. Our expert packaging solutions are meticulously designed to ensure the security and integrity of your goods throughout the transportation process. Whether you're shipping fragile electronics, delicate artwork, or bulky machinery, our team adheres to the industry's most stringent standards and utilizes top-quality materials to customize packaging solutions that perfectly align with your unique requirements.

Dangerous Goods Packing

Our expertise extends to providing packing solutions for hazardous materials, ensuring full compliance with safety regulations and the secure transportation of such goods.

Container Optimization

We excel in optimizing container shipping space, a strategy that maximizes cargo capacity while reducing transportation costs. This approach enhances overall efficiency in the logistics process.


We offer personalized advice and guidance on packaging requirements, ensuring the safe and effective transport of a wide range of goods.

Custom Brokerage

Navigating the intricacies of customs regulations often poses challenges, but Galaxy Freight simplifies this process through our expert custom brokerage services. With an in-depth understanding of customs laws and procedures, our experienced team takes charge of all customs-related documentation and clearance on your behalf. Whether you're dealing with imports or exports, we guarantee strict compliance with regulations, thus minimizing delays and averting any potential penalties.

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