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Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Ahmedabad

Job Description

The Sea Freight Export role involves overseeing the efficient exportation of goods via sea transportation. Key responsibilities include accurate documentation preparation, coordination with shipping lines, ensuring customs compliance, and effective communication with clients. The role requires negotiation of freight rates, optimizing container space, and managing costs. Additionally, staying informed about international trade regulations, mitigating risks, and maintaining meticulous records are crucial aspects of the position. Overall, the Sea Freight Export role demands a keen understanding of logistics, attention to detail, and effective communication skills for successful sea freight export operations.


  • Ensure timely booking of cargo space on vessels and effective scheduling to meet shipping deadlines.
  •  Efficiently handle containerization, including loading and unloading, to optimize space and prevent damage during transit.
  •  Facilitate communication and coordination with shipping lines to secure vessel space and ensure the smooth movement of cargo.
  • Maintain precise and error-free preparation of sea freight documents, such as bills of lading, packing lists, and certificates of origin, complying with international shipping standards.
  •  Ensure adherence to customs regulations and documentation requirements for sea freight shipments, facilitating smooth customs clearance processes.
  • Oversee port-related activities, including cargo handling, customs procedures, and any necessary transshipment or transfers between vessels.
  • Optimize sea freight costs by negotiating favorable rates, minimizing demurrage and detention charges, and effectively managing overall transportation costs.
  • Determine the most efficient routes for sea freight shipments and select suitable carriers based on cost, transit time, and reliability.
  •  Implement systems to track the movement of containers, providing real-time visibility to clients and stakeholders.


Required Experienced:

  •  Minimum 1 year of experience
  • Graduate in any discipline


  • Good communication skills
  • Good E-mail communication skills
  • Good command of English

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