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Approximately 40 cylinders, ranging in weight from 4kg to 67 kg, need to be shipped from Haryana to Seoul. The challenge was to find a suitable and compliant repackaging solution for these cylinders. The shipment was scheduled to move through the Nhava Sheva port.


The shipper and forwarder explored multiple options to repack the cylinders but found no suitable solution available on the market.

To address these challenges, Galaxypacs Pvt. Ltd. provided a practical and compliant solution wherein they repacked the cylinders in custom-built wooden boxes that met the necessary safety standards for the transportation of hazardous materials. These boxes received certification from the appropriate testing authority.



A total of 10 wooden boxes, each measuring 180 x 120 x 75, were used for the repackaging process. These dimensions were chosen to accommodate the cylinders safely and securely. Inside each wooden box, latching and locking mechanisms were incorporated to prevent any movement or potential damage during transportation. This ensured the cylinders remained securely in place.

IMDG Compliance


The repackaging process was carried out in strict compliance with IMDG regulations, ensuring the safe handling and transportation of these hazardous cylinders. This case study exemplifies how Galaxypacs Pvt. Ltd.'s expertise and dedication to safety and compliance played a vital role in facilitating the secure transport of these hazardous materials, ultimately ensuring the successful completion of the shipment from Haryana to Seoul.